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The Best Songs Sung by Disney Villains

Most of my favorite music in Disney movies is the songs sung by villains. The tunes that come from these bad guys are so catchy and makes them looks good, and one thing I have come to notice is that almost all of them get at least one chance to sing one song before the hero defeats them. Well, it doesn’t mean that the hero songs aren’t catchy, but the villains one are sassier, and a little more memorable.

There are many songs sung by villains; I can’t help to love them all, but I have chosen here the best of the best.

1.” Poor Unfortunate Soul” -The Little Mermaid.

The “Poor unfortunate soul” from the Disney classic, “The little Mermaid” is one the best song that deserves to be on my favorite list. Ursula, the sea witch, sings the song to Ariel the little mermaid herself, and the funny thing about Ursula, unlike most villains, she doesn’t try to trick her, she tells her up front what she wants. She starts slow, and then builds pressure for her to trade her pair of legs. Not the best tune, but the way the song is sung in a Broadway style makes it very catchy.

2. “Trust in Me,”-The Jungle Book

Although Kaa the snake isn’t the main villain of The Jungle book, he is still among the bad guys; he tries to eat people! But there is something insidious about his song ‘trust me’, in which he tries to Hypnotize’ the naïve Mowgli. As he saves the time before his kills, you get the tune that manages to put you into a trap as well.

3. “Mother Knows Best,” -Tangled

Mother knows best is sung by Mother Gothels to Rupunzel and convince her not to leave the tower for her ‘own good’ and she does that in a sicky but sweet tone. In the song, you will see her tries to undermine the little Rupenzel, emotionally and physically, in which she is able to maintain complete control over her.

4. “Be Prepared,” -The Lion King

Scar the jerk of a lion, sings ‘Be prepared’ to the Hyena Henchmen, and he uses different plots to portray him king of Pride Rock. This song is incredibly catchy, and it shows the scar’s lust for power. The opening drum oozes his evil, even without knowing what he did from the previous parts of the film or what he will do. Although the scar isn’t such an evil villains in the entire movie, the four minutes of the song make it up for it. One thing that makes me excited about the song is how the Hyenas are happy at the end of the song.

5. “Friends on the Other Side,” – The Princess and the Frog

This is one among the creepiest songs from Disney films and it’s not as old as most of the villain songs here, yet it has captured attention on every Disney film viewer out there. You would listen to Dr. Facilier all day long sing as he sung just to get to his personal gain. Everything in his movements when he sings the song portrays how a villain should be, especially at the end of the song. The song gets lively and colorful!

Well, that’s my list of the best songs sung by Villains, but I am sure there are more out there, that I couldn’t add in this list, however, they are awesome and should not be overlooked.


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Disney Villains Who Need a Backstory

Disney movies all have their catching points. Almost every other Disney movie that has been made has been a major success at the box office. Even though there are so many similarities between the movies, the movies tend to do great and are great commercial successes. We as adults might be able to find many flaws with them but the children just love them.

Previously the Disney movies used to be 2D pictures. With the drawings being made by hand and then made into a movie according to some technique. 2D animation continued until the nineties after which they were replaced by computer generated animation or in other words 3D animation. There are many Disney villains that were famous during the 2D era such as Jaffar in Aladdin or the step mother in the movie Cinderella.

Without a doubt, the worst villain to me has to be Ursula from the Little Mermaid. Well if she is not then certainly she was the worst looking. Fat and obese, she is the least beautiful, which is unlike other Disney female villains and has a mole, which only adds to her devilish persona. She is half human and half octopus from the waist down with six black tentacles. When she first appears in the movie, she tells her story that she used to live in the palace of Triton, but was banished from the castle after she tried to usurp Triton from the throne and take his place. She was cast out into the wake of a fishing charter– and ever since has lived in the remains of a Leviathan.

Perhaps it was the innocence of these films. These films are a great amalgamation of every emotion that we go through in our lives of today. The emotions of jealousy, honesty, hard work, hatred, love, etc…everything is presented in a Disney movie in such an artistic way that makes it highly entertaining. One of the Disney villains that displays the emotion of jealousy is the step mother in Cinderella. Almost every other Disney villain is made heinous in his or her own way, but I personally hated the step mom greatly. Perhaps this was because I loved Cinderella so much and her endearing character. The fact that she worked so hard given the adversity she was going through every day. How she was made the destitute one in her own house by her step mom and yet she had a bright and sunny outlook on life made me love her even more. Hence when I saw that she was being oppressed by her step mother made me just hate her step mom to the fullest.

Some Disney villains like the suitor of Belle in Beauty and the Beast are made to look quite stupid, and they are shown to have no intelligence. The suitor while trying to be brave is just shown consumed with his own looks and tends to forget everything else. While on the other hand, the step mom in Cinderella is shown to be quite intelligent and is shown to be able to play with words actually. For example, when her daughters learn that she has allowed Cinderella to go to the ball, they are furious with her mother but then her mother tells them that she has allowed Cinderella to go to the only if she gets done with all the chores. This particularly sends the signal that she has been quite keen with her words.

Yet another conniving and intelligent villain was Scar in the movie the Lion King in which he was the uncle of Simba and killed Mufasa who was the father of Simba.



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The Villains Who Make Us Laugh

Whether we’ve seen them in the movies or on television, the Walt Disney Company has made plenty of villains who are intimidating and scary. However, there are some villains that we can’t help but love talking about as they just make us laugh. These include many characters from a variety of classic Disney movies and even a few from some of Disney’s popular television shows.

Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma may be a cunning Peruvian lady with a frightening mean streak but she does all sorts of funny things along the way like trying to poison someone just to save money or even hiring people to build an unnecessarily elaborate roller coaster in her lair. Eartha Kitt’s voice especially adds to the charm as she goes around with more than enough sass. She’s especially evil when she doesn’t have a bit of fun.

Rattigan – The Great Mouse Detective

Rattigan is a purely entertaining villain for being so over the top and self-absorbed. His carefree attitude and his casual will especially make him a funny character. This all comes with Vincent Price’s distinct voice too.

Hades – Hercules

James Woods definitely created a memorable character when he voiced Hades, a character who somewhat looks like him too. Hades loves to torture people and make life torturous for Hercules but he loves having fun in the process. To him, killing and torturing isn’t a chore, it’s a way of life that he can’t help but have some fun with.

Lotso – Toy Story 3

This adorable-looking teddy bear has a fun look to him as he loves giving and getting hugs but deep down he’s willing to do what it takes to take over a daycare center and get all our favorite toy heroes out of the way. As scary as he is, there is something amazingly charming and funny about him in that even with his mean streak, he still just wants hugs.

King Candy – Wreck-It Ralph

After watching the Mad Hatter-inspired video game hijacker do his stuff, you might want some candy too. He has a charming attitude that makes him as amusing and silly as he is fearsome and threatening.

Don Karnage – TaleSpin

Let’s head into Disney’s world of television villains for a few entries. We can start with Don Karnage, a threatening pirate who is willing to take out anything he sees but in reality he’s a very humorous figure who is eccentric and over the top. His difficult to manage minions especially go well with this funny villain.

Professor Dementor – Kim Possible

Voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, Professor Dementor is a serious threat to our title heroine as he’s looking to take over her city. But he’s short temper and irrational attitude make him a funny character that is easily memorable.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz – Phineas and Ferb

His outlandish inventions are always worth a good laugh.

Bill – Gravity Falls

The dangerous one-eyed triangle loves to laugh and pull jokes on people. He’s also a dangerous entity with a knack for disturbing behavior and a desire to possess anyone, even a child. He is still a funny character no matter how dangerous he is.

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Worst Disney Villains

Who Are the Worst Disney Villains?

Many movies from the Walt Disney Company have given us some great villains that are truly unique and memorable. However, there are plenty of lame ones that deserve to be considered. There are many reasons why some of the worst Disney villains of all time have received such unfortunate monikers.

Governor John Ratcliffe – Pocahontas

If there is one positive thing about the Governor, it’s that he could be used as a good way to talk to your kids about the dangers of racism and hostility. His actions entail plenty of moves that essentially lead to taking over land that doesn’t belong to him and willing to sacrifice people for gold. Of course, there are plenty of historical inaccuracies to mention with regards to a figure like him but that’s a whole other topic.

Mother Gothel – Tangled

There isn’t much to say about Mother Gothel except that she’s just a blackmail artist who will do anything to get her way. There aren’t many dimensions to her either as she’s far too plain of a character. The fact that she actually tried to kill the lead without much explanation doesn’t help wither.

Hans – Frozen

This is a pretty controversial call, what with Frozen having plenty of memorable characters and songs. The truth is that Hans is a woefully underdeveloped villain. His declaration of how he hates Anna and Elsa really comes out of nowhere. The fact that this kind of adds a wrong message about avoiding being in love out of fear that a man might not like you just adds to the ridiculous nature of Hans.

Prince John – Robin Hood

Let’s all be honest – Prince John the lion is supposed to be intimidating. He’s nothing more than just a coward who is scared of the world and tries his hardest to look good when doing so. There’s not much about him with mentioning.

Clayton – Tarzan

This character comes off more as a cheap knockoff of Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. The shoehorned message about the evils of poacher isn’t even hidden all that well in him.

Queens of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version)

The Queens of Hearts in the original Alice in Wonderland is an intimidating fiend who will do anything to get her way even if it means beheading others. The version Tim Burton portrayed in his more recent live-action adaptation of the film is reduced mainly to a plain and desperate character who is clearly trying to get a comic foil in some ways. She’s only a small part of what appears to be the world’s largest advertisement for the Hot Topic retail store.

Si and Am – Lady and the Trap

Si and Am don’t seem to have much character to them. They are just cats that have a lack of personality and don’t give out much details on why they are looking to harm Lady. The duo’s theme song hasn’t aged all that well either as it’s clearly a song that may not necessarily reflect Siam although that could technically be seen as a minor detail.

All of these Disney villains are characters that could have worked but in reality they just weren’t executed well enough. They actually make people appreciate the best Disney villains more.

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Stay tuned next week as we talk about more of your favorite Disney Villains.

Best Disney Villains

Disney animation is king when it comes to animation films. The studio’s animated films are legendary for their top-notch artwork, catchy songs and exceptional word building. But Disney animation’s crowning glory must the list of iconic villains in its pantheon of famous animated movies. Here are some of the best Disney villains:

Maleficent (in ‘Sleeping Beauty’)

Maleficent is one of the most compelling villains in the Disney catalogue. With her name coined from the word ‘maleficent’ (which means capable of harm or evil),she is a wicked, scheming fairy who places a curse on a baby Princess Aurora so that she dies when she reaches 16 years old. This is just because she is not invited to the christening of Aurora. Even when fairies send Aurora to deep sleep in attempt to stop her evil scheme, she imprisons the man who can break the spell with a kiss.

Ursula (in ‘The Little Mermaid’)

This vicious, deceptive and manipulative sea witch is the antagonist in the film. She makes deals with people to fulfill their desires, but if they default, they become her possession forever. She is also power- hungry and has designs on king Triton’s throne- which she schemes and finally gets using a magical contract that is legally binding.

Her most evil deed is tricking Princess Ariel, King Triton’s youngest daughter into signing a contract that leaves her mute. Triton, the king of Atlantica, is forced to sacrifice his throne so as to save her. She also disguises herself as a human to stop Prince Eric from kissing the main character which would break the curse.

Cruella De Vil (in ‘101 Dalmatians’)

This fashion obsessed, sycophantic and sinister heiress is downright despicable. This is reflected in everything about her- from her clothing, repulsive smoking habit down to her vain and condescending manner. But her biggest claim to infamy is the desire to skin the most lovable puppies in the world to make a coat. In the film, she causes a high speed car chase and almost succeeds in forcing a lorry carrying the Dalmatians off a cliff.

Lady Tremaine (in ‘Cinderella’)

Also called the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremain’s abusive and cruel treatment of Cinderella makes her one of the most hated Disney villains. Her disdain for Cinderella makes her to undermine Cinderella’s efforts to gain Prince Charming’s favor since she would prefer one of her daughters to marry him instead.

Scar (in ‘The Lion King’)

There are few villains in the Disney catalogue as deplorable and wicked as Scar. This is the bad guy who does not attack you, but will instead choose to plant a seed of despair and doubt in your mind and enjoy watching it grow. Named after the mark on his face, Scar orders the murder of his own brother and convinces Simba (the protagonist) that it is his fault-and is consequently banished from the kingdom. Scar and his friends do anything necessary to grab power for himself and actor Jeremy Iron’s honeyed and smug voice plays the role to perfection.

The evil Queen Granhilde (in ‘Snow White’)

This is the archetypal Disney villain. She has an obsession with being the fairest and she transforms into an ugly witch. She tricks the protagonist (Snow White) into eating a poisonous apple that causes her to fall into semi-permanent sleep.

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