The Best Songs Sung by Disney Villains

Most of my favorite music in Disney movies is the songs sung by villains. The tunes that come from these bad guys are so catchy and makes them looks good, and one thing I have come to notice is that almost all of them get at least one chance to sing one song before the hero defeats them. Well, it doesn’t mean that the hero songs aren’t catchy, but the villains one are sassier, and a little more memorable.

There are many songs sung by villains; I can’t help to love them all, but I have chosen here the best of the best.

1.” Poor Unfortunate Soul” -The Little Mermaid.

The “Poor unfortunate soul” from the Disney classic, “The little Mermaid” is one the best song that deserves to be on my favorite list. Ursula, the sea witch, sings the song to Ariel the little mermaid herself, and the funny thing about Ursula, unlike most villains, she doesn’t try to trick her, she tells her up front what she wants. She starts slow, and then builds pressure for her to trade her pair of legs. Not the best tune, but the way the song is sung in a Broadway style makes it very catchy.

2. “Trust in Me,”-The Jungle Book

Although Kaa the snake isn’t the main villain of The Jungle book, he is still among the bad guys; he tries to eat people! But there is something insidious about his song ‘trust me’, in which he tries to Hypnotize’ the naïve Mowgli. As he saves the time before his kills, you get the tune that manages to put you into a trap as well.

3. “Mother Knows Best,” -Tangled

Mother knows best is sung by Mother Gothels to Rupunzel and convince her not to leave the tower for her ‘own good’ and she does that in a sicky but sweet tone. In the song, you will see her tries to undermine the little Rupenzel, emotionally and physically, in which she is able to maintain complete control over her.

4. “Be Prepared,” -The Lion King

Scar the jerk of a lion, sings ‘Be prepared’ to the Hyena Henchmen, and he uses different plots to portray him king of Pride Rock. This song is incredibly catchy, and it shows the scar’s lust for power. The opening drum oozes his evil, even without knowing what he did from the previous parts of the film or what he will do. Although the scar isn’t such an evil villains in the entire movie, the four minutes of the song make it up for it. One thing that makes me excited about the song is how the Hyenas are happy at the end of the song.

5. “Friends on the Other Side,” – The Princess and the Frog

This is one among the creepiest songs from Disney films and it’s not as old as most of the villain songs here, yet it has captured attention on every Disney film viewer out there. You would listen to Dr. Facilier all day long sing as he sung just to get to his personal gain. Everything in his movements when he sings the song portrays how a villain should be, especially at the end of the song. The song gets lively and colorful!

Well, that’s my list of the best songs sung by Villains, but I am sure there are more out there, that I couldn’t add in this list, however, they are awesome and should not be overlooked.


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