Disney Villains Who Need a Backstory

Disney movies all have their catching points. Almost every other Disney movie that has been made has been a major success at the box office. Even though there are so many similarities between the movies, the movies tend to do great and are great commercial successes. We as adults might be able to find many flaws with them but the children just love them.

Previously the Disney movies used to be 2D pictures. With the drawings being made by hand and then made into a movie according to some technique. 2D animation continued until the nineties after which they were replaced by computer generated animation or in other words 3D animation. There are many Disney villains that were famous during the 2D era such as Jaffar in Aladdin or the step mother in the movie Cinderella.

Without a doubt, the worst villain to me has to be Ursula from the Little Mermaid. Well if she is not then certainly she was the worst looking. Fat and obese, she is the least beautiful, which is unlike other Disney female villains and has a mole, which only adds to her devilish persona. She is half human and half octopus from the waist down with six black tentacles. When she first appears in the movie, she tells her story that she used to live in the palace of Triton, but was banished from the castle after she tried to usurp Triton from the throne and take his place. She was cast out into the wake of a fishing charter– and ever since has lived in the remains of a Leviathan.

Perhaps it was the innocence of these films. These films are a great amalgamation of every emotion that we go through in our lives of today. The emotions of jealousy, honesty, hard work, hatred, love, etc…everything is presented in a Disney movie in such an artistic way that makes it highly entertaining. One of the Disney villains that displays the emotion of jealousy is the step mother in Cinderella. Almost every other Disney villain is made heinous in his or her own way, but I personally hated the step mom greatly. Perhaps this was because I loved Cinderella so much and her endearing character. The fact that she worked so hard given the adversity she was going through every day. How she was made the destitute one in her own house by her step mom and yet she had a bright and sunny outlook on life made me love her even more. Hence when I saw that she was being oppressed by her step mother made me just hate her step mom to the fullest.

Some Disney villains like the suitor of Belle in Beauty and the Beast are made to look quite stupid, and they are shown to have no intelligence. The suitor while trying to be brave is just shown consumed with his own looks and tends to forget everything else. While on the other hand, the step mom in Cinderella is shown to be quite intelligent and is shown to be able to play with words actually. For example, when her daughters learn that she has allowed Cinderella to go to the ball, they are furious with her mother but then her mother tells them that she has allowed Cinderella to go to the only if she gets done with all the chores. This particularly sends the signal that she has been quite keen with her words.

Yet another conniving and intelligent villain was Scar in the movie the Lion King in which he was the uncle of Simba and killed Mufasa who was the father of Simba.



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