The Villains Who Make Us Laugh

Whether we’ve seen them in the movies or on television, the Walt Disney Company has made plenty of villains who are intimidating and scary. However, there are some villains that we can’t help but love talking about as they just make us laugh. These include many characters from a variety of classic Disney movies and even a few from some of Disney’s popular television shows.

Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma may be a cunning Peruvian lady with a frightening mean streak but she does all sorts of funny things along the way like trying to poison someone just to save money or even hiring people to build an unnecessarily elaborate roller coaster in her lair. Eartha Kitt’s voice especially adds to the charm as she goes around with more than enough sass. She’s especially evil when she doesn’t have a bit of fun.

Rattigan – The Great Mouse Detective

Rattigan is a purely entertaining villain for being so over the top and self-absorbed. His carefree attitude and his casual will especially make him a funny character. This all comes with Vincent Price’s distinct voice too.

Hades – Hercules

James Woods definitely created a memorable character when he voiced Hades, a character who somewhat looks like him too. Hades loves to torture people and make life torturous for Hercules but he loves having fun in the process. To him, killing and torturing isn’t a chore, it’s a way of life that he can’t help but have some fun with.

Lotso – Toy Story 3

This adorable-looking teddy bear has a fun look to him as he loves giving and getting hugs but deep down he’s willing to do what it takes to take over a daycare center and get all our favorite toy heroes out of the way. As scary as he is, there is something amazingly charming and funny about him in that even with his mean streak, he still just wants hugs.

King Candy – Wreck-It Ralph

After watching the Mad Hatter-inspired video game hijacker do his stuff, you might want some candy too. He has a charming attitude that makes him as amusing and silly as he is fearsome and threatening.

Don Karnage – TaleSpin

Let’s head into Disney’s world of television villains for a few entries. We can start with Don Karnage, a threatening pirate who is willing to take out anything he sees but in reality he’s a very humorous figure who is eccentric and over the top. His difficult to manage minions especially go well with this funny villain.

Professor Dementor – Kim Possible

Voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, Professor Dementor is a serious threat to our title heroine as he’s looking to take over her city. But he’s short temper and irrational attitude make him a funny character that is easily memorable.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz – Phineas and Ferb

His outlandish inventions are always worth a good laugh.

Bill – Gravity Falls

The dangerous one-eyed triangle loves to laugh and pull jokes on people. He’s also a dangerous entity with a knack for disturbing behavior and a desire to possess anyone, even a child. He is still a funny character no matter how dangerous he is.

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