Worst Disney Villains

Who Are the Worst Disney Villains?

Many movies from the Walt Disney Company have given us some great villains that are truly unique and memorable. However, there are plenty of lame ones that deserve to be considered. There are many reasons why some of the worst Disney villains of all time have received such unfortunate monikers.

Governor John Ratcliffe – Pocahontas

If there is one positive thing about the Governor, it’s that he could be used as a good way to talk to your kids about the dangers of racism and hostility. His actions entail plenty of moves that essentially lead to taking over land that doesn’t belong to him and willing to sacrifice people for gold. Of course, there are plenty of historical inaccuracies to mention with regards to a figure like him but that’s a whole other topic.

Mother Gothel – Tangled

There isn’t much to say about Mother Gothel except that she’s just a blackmail artist who will do anything to get her way. There aren’t many dimensions to her either as she’s far too plain of a character. The fact that she actually tried to kill the lead without much explanation doesn’t help wither.

Hans – Frozen

This is a pretty controversial call, what with Frozen having plenty of memorable characters and songs. The truth is that Hans is a woefully underdeveloped villain. His declaration of how he hates Anna and Elsa really comes out of nowhere. The fact that this kind of adds a wrong message about avoiding being in love out of fear that a man might not like you just adds to the ridiculous nature of Hans.

Prince John – Robin Hood

Let’s all be honest – Prince John the lion is supposed to be intimidating. He’s nothing more than just a coward who is scared of the world and tries his hardest to look good when doing so. There’s not much about him with mentioning.

Clayton – Tarzan

This character comes off more as a cheap knockoff of Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. The shoehorned message about the evils of poacher isn’t even hidden all that well in him.

Queens of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version)

The Queens of Hearts in the original Alice in Wonderland is an intimidating fiend who will do anything to get her way even if it means beheading others. The version Tim Burton portrayed in his more recent live-action adaptation of the film is reduced mainly to a plain and desperate character who is clearly trying to get a comic foil in some ways. She’s only a small part of what appears to be the world’s largest advertisement for the Hot Topic retail store.

Si and Am – Lady and the Trap

Si and Am don’t seem to have much character to them. They are just cats that have a lack of personality and don’t give out much details on why they are looking to harm Lady. The duo’s theme song hasn’t aged all that well either as it’s clearly a song that may not necessarily reflect Siam although that could technically be seen as a minor detail.

All of these Disney villains are characters that could have worked but in reality they just weren’t executed well enough. They actually make people appreciate the best Disney villains more.

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